Boyd Offers Scientific Support for Open Theism

From Reknew:

The second pointer arises from our common experience related to what we assume to be true in our daily life. The contemporary quantum physical paradigm of reality is reinforced by our common experience. Indeed, I would argue that the complementarity of determinacy and indeterminacy is a metaphysical principle, and thus is universally instantiated. Every event seems to exemplify it. From quantum particles to molecular structures and from the behavior of single-celled organisms to the spontaneous movements of insects, birds and mammals, including human beings, we find a dimension of individual indeterminacy within a broader parameter of determinacy. Sociology has taught us, for example, that group behavior is remarkably predictable, though the behavior of any individual within a group is not. So it is with most animal behavior.

One comment

  1. Interesting. I did not before know or realize that.

    A possible corollary that I have noticed, in fact noticed again today while watching about a hundred 1st – 6th graders sing. Most people cannot sing a lick, especially young children, yet, somehow when they sing the same song together, and they know it well, the song comes out very good. it seems that all the off keys turn into a rather on key performance. Probably not a true corollary but somehow seems related to your post.

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