Unanswered Questions – One Verse that Proves Exhaustive Foreknowledge

The Bible is a big book. At some counts, it has 31,102 verses. For those who believe in exhaustive future foreknowledge, please quote one verse that claims that God knows everything that will happen in the future.


  1. Keep up the good work! You’re not alone! I think you will have to factor in Ps. 147:5, “His understanding is infinite.” I prefer to agree that the statement “God knows everything that will happen in the future” is true and is a part of the understanding of this verse! But the issue it not in what He knows, but how He knows it.

    With a future that is still left partially open by God in His sovereignty, He knows (understands) that future completely as a composite of the things He has already determined to happen and of the things He has left as true possibilities. He knows the predetermined things as eventualities, for that is what they are. And He knows the undetermined areas of the future as full of possibilities, each with their own related contingencies, that He also knows (understands) fully as if they were all possible eventualities within the limits of His predetermined laws, boundaries, and ends.

    Since His understanding is infinite, nothing will take Him by surprise, and He is still free to interact with man’s partially free will, according to His mercy and grace and the normal revelation of Himself in Scripture with all of its conditional statements, universal invitations, and statements of His future choices still being true!

    1. Ps. 147:5, “His understanding is infinite.”

      In the context of this verse “understanding” seems to be referring to processing thoughts. Synonyms to “understanding” per the Hebrew word are “discretion, reason, skilfulness, understanding, wisdom.” This verse doesn’t seem to be about what God knows, but how God understands things.

          1. Thank you! If I can serve you in any way through discussion or research in God’s Word, please feel free to ask.

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