Answered Questions – How Can God Guarantee Eternal Salvation

From What is Open Theism:

How could God in any manner guarantee our eternal salvation if He does not know what the future holds?

This question might as well be worded: “How can God guarantee something He has unilateral control to decide?” What set of circumstances does the author believe would force God’s hand to revoke eternal salvation? If God has unilateral power to do something, why couldn’t He guarantee it?

One comment

  1. I believe that salvation will be granted to all who want and choose Jesus as Lord and King. How is it that God can guarantee that, eventually, every person will choose Jesus? God can do that because He can see all contingencies and He knows He has laid adequate plans and/or has an adequate response to any future.

    We now know that the game of checkers is a draw, given best play – all roads will lead to a draw if the players are good enough. In the same way, the possible futures for this world and each individual is numerous beyond our imagination, but not infinite. God can see every possible future.

    We have real free will, and God does not know with complete certainty which road we will individually take, but He knows he has a plan for any road we take. Like sheep gone astray, God is leading each and every one of us back to the narrow road. Every creature will eventually chose Jesus. Randy

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