Free Monday – Objections to Calvinism

Library of theology is hosting a free PDF of Randolph S. Foster’s Objections to Calvinism:

An excerpt:

This book is the creature of circumstance. It had never existed, but for reasons over
which the author himself had no control. He wrote because it seemed necessary to write–
not because he had any ambition for authorship. He made a book, not with “intention of
forethought,” but almost before he was aware of it and without any pretense whatever.
The church of which he is a humble and obscure minister had been long and grievously
assailed by one of the principal organs of a sister denomination, her doctrines and usages
held up to public odium as perverted by the pen of misrepresentation, her influence for
piety questioned, and whatever was peculiar to her organization ridiculed and
calumniated. And this ungenerous course was commenced and pursued by an accredited
champion at a time when peace and Christian union had long existed, against
remonstrances on our part, and published deprecations of the consequences which were
certain to ensue.

We endured for a time. But this only seemed to whet the envenomed appetite of an
adversary who seemed intent to devour us. The greater our reluctance, the greater his
ferocity. It now seemed that to remain longer silent would not only be a reproach to
ourselves–a matter which, alone considered, gave us little concern–but must also weaken
the force, if not peril the interests, of truth itself. It was under such circumstances that the
substance of what is contained in this volume was given to the public through one of the
journals of our church in a series of letters addressed to the reverend gentleman who
seemed so anxious to discuss our respective differences. This is our apology, if any is
necessary, for sending to the public a volume which, it may be, some unacquainted with
the facts might conclude was uncalled for. Truth and religion required it. The time had
come when the real issues needed to be stated, and truth vindicated.

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