Questions Answered – What Denominations Accept Open Theism

From Facebook group Open Theists:

David asks:

What denominations are accepting of Open Theists? Is there a list someone could direct me towards? Almighty google has disappointed me thus far.

The running list:

(1) Assemblies of God
(2) Nazarenes
(3) Mennonites
(4) Free Will Baptists
(5) Salvation Army
(6) Anglicans
(7) Quakers
(8) Grace Believers
(9) Some baptists
(10) Some independents
(11) United Methodist Church
(12) United Church of Christ
(13) Free Methodists
(14) Church of God
(15) Evangelical Covenant Church


    1. I want to know if Dr. Andrew Farley is a theist. I’m concerned bc he says 1john was written to unbeliever’s & Hebrews 6:6-7 the same. He pushes Grace a lot. Some of what he says sounds good & some doesn’t. He says we don’t have to repent, we’re Christian’s, so god’s already forgiven us. I’d like to hear if he’s an open theist bc he believes in Jesus

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