Unanswered Questions – Was God Thwarted by Ahab?

To those who believe God controls all things, did ever God appoint someone for destruction and that appointment was thwarted?

1Ki 20:42 Then he said to him, “Thus says the LORD: ‘Because you have let slip out of your hand a man whom I appointed to utter destruction, therefore your life shall go for his life, and your people for his people.’ ”


    1. Make a prediction. I am sitting with 12 individuals with diverse backgrounds and diverse religions. If I read them this verse, how many will say that “God planned this” is within the realm of possibilities for textual meaning.

        1. I’m taking about reading comprehension. The author is not writing to theologians, but to normal people with normal reading comprehension skills. I assert that your claim is patently false. We can test this claim by querying a normal group of people.

          1. And normal reading skills say everything is to be taken in context. You can’t single out one verse and make a claim without regard for the rest of Scripture.

            And a normal group of people today is not necessarily equivalent to a normal group of people at the time of writing.

            1. You definitely cannot take out a single verse and then make a claim for the rest of scripture. You violate this principle every time you prooftext. The question is, and always will be: “what was this individual author communicating to his audience”. Trying to interpret the text, contrary to the author’s meaning, per texts that are written hundreds of years later is absolutely ridiculous. Context is key. What is the overall narrative of the text? And what is the author communicating to his audience? When you discount normal reading comprehension (and discount an entire narrative) in favor of ignoring texts that contradict your theology, what you are telling me of that you are highly irrational. By your own standards, nothing can be known about the Bible because your basis of understanding is arbitrary. Why is Negative Platonistic Theology the correct starting point? Rather than Hinduism? What use is the Bible if you are just going to ignore the narrative? Why don’t you just convert to Platonism?

                    1. I wouldn’t say so. I do not think anyone would call NT Wright a deist. Here is what he has to say:

                      “Part of our trouble is that in the Western world, we’ve assumed that God is, as it were, the celestial CEO of this thing called the universe incorporated. And then, as one of Woody Allen’s characters says: “I sort of believe in God, but it looks like He’s basically an underachiever.” In other words, He’s not a very good CEO, He’s not good at running this show.

                      But actually, the world is much more complicated than that. It’s not simply a machine or a business with God as the CEO. God is involved with it in ways which it’s hard for us now, particularly in the modern world, to grasp.

                      When we read the stories of Jesus and see what is going on in those stories, perhaps we need to rethink the meaning of the word “God” around who we see in Jesus. Then all sorts of things come clearer and into sharper focus. It’s not simply a matter of “Has God blundered? Has He got it wrong?” But no, He’s been in the middle of this mess with us and He’s taken the worst the world can do onto Himself. He has launched His project of new creation. That’s what the story of Jesus is all about.”

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