Free Monday – The Omniscience of God and Open Theism

Evangelical Arminians is hosting a paper by Ron Callaway entitled The Omniscience of God and Open Theism. This is a work against Open Theism. An excerpt:

Genesis 22:1-15
Genesis 22 is the well-known and beloved story of Abraham’s willingness
to sacrifice his son Isaac in order to obey the command of God.
The first verse of the passage tells us that God was “testing” (“tempt”
KJV) Abraham. In verse 12, the Angel of Yahweh tells Abraham not to
harm the boy, “for now I know that thou fearest God.”
Open theism, against classical Christian belief, says that the purpose
for the test was for God to “know” or to find out if Abraham really did
fear him. While Abraham probably benefited from the experience, God
needed to know whether Abraham really feared him. He apparently
thought that he did, but he needed to be sure. “If one presupposes that
God already ‘knew’ the results of the test beforehand, then the text is at
least worded poorly and at most simply false.”44
Classical Christianity has understood the use of “now I know,” spoken
by God in this passage, to be an anthropomorphic manner of God’s
expressing what he already knew concerning Abraham’s faith. Rather
than being a test for the Lord, it was Abraham himself who was “justified
by his works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar” (James
2:21; cf. Hebrews 11:17; Genesis 22:5).
Open theists claim that they are the ones who are reading the text
correctly by denying that this is an anthropomorphism. God needed to
know, so he put Abraham to a genuine test. But the classical theologian
asks, “Then what about Genesis 3:9-13 in which God asks Adam a series
of questions? Was God also looking for information in this case as well?”


  1. Nothing new in this article. I do love the “bold” assertions made without support from Scripture for many of his positions. God “MUST” know or He is not God. Also, when is somebody going to bring to the table that the word “world” is kosmos in the references concerning from/before the foundation of the world? What is the “world” – John, love not the “world”. So, the Lamb was slain “after” the falll of man when the “world” (the current system) came into being. NOT,NOT the creation of the universe or the earth. Even our guys keep missing this one.

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