Biblical Open Theist Reading List

reading listFrom time to time individuals request a consolidated list of basic reading on the subject of Open Theism. This post sets out to build a basic reading list for Biblical Open Theism (contrasted with Philosophical Open Theism) for the neophyte.

1. Roger Olson explains how Open Theism has not been fairly represented by the critics. Instead, the critics wage a dishonest smear campaign. [link]

2. Macinnis relates her shock at blatant prooftexting of 1 Samuel 15 by a critic of Open Theism [link]

3. Apologetic Jedi lists 95 Open Theism verses in the tradition of Martin Luther’s 95 theses. [link]

4. A definition of Open Theism and an overview of the current ideological spectrum of Open Theism. [link]

5. A thorough examination of Exodus 32 and how future Biblical authors understood the text. [link]

6. A full text of Bob Enyart’s opening statement to James White during a debate on Open Theism [link]

Two important books

Did God Know, by H Roy Elseth [link]

Does God Know the Future, by Michael Saia [link]

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