James White Censors Enyart’s Response to White’s Criticism of Enyart

Update: posts are reinstated as of 1/26/2015

The following was deleted from Alpha and Omega Ministries. Bob Enyart and Will Duffy had quickly responded to White’s criticism of Enyart. White and his ministry did not want Enyart’s side to be heard and removed it from their Facebook page (update: both Enyart and Duffy were also blocked). This is all in response to White’s backtracking and disingenuous handling of the Enyart White Open Theism debate aftermath:

Enyart White 2

See also: James White’s Opening Statement Refuted Sentence by Sentence

Response posted by Alpha and Omega Ministries (1/25/2015). The reader can decide if Enyart’s and Duffy’s posts were inappropriate:




  1. Thanks GodIsOpen for preserving this. We’ve linked to this post from http://kgov.com/white. AOMIN’s Richard Pierce and James White say that our question was answered, but White’s “response” in hours of YouTube videos and in articles that fail to even quote James’ and R.C. Sproul Jr.’s denials that God the Son has both a human and a divine nature, is no response. So the question remains: “James White, do you affirm that the Second Person of the Trinity has both a human and a divine nature?”

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