Jeff Robinson Believes Open Theism is Dying

From The Gospel Coalition:

The debate may have lost any remaining momentum in the death of the two figures at the forefront of the ETS controversy. Pinnock, open theism’s best-known scholar, and Roger Nicole, the Reformed theologian and founding member of ETS who brought charges against Pinnock and Sanders, died within four months of each other in 2010.

Bruce Ware, who served as ETS president in 2009 and was intimately involved in defending the classical view of God, said that openness adherents seem to have virtually disappeared from ETS, and that publishing from open theists seems to have dried up as well. But, he added, the view itself remains alive and growing within some pockets of evangelicalism.

“Since the ETS vote took place, the issue of open theism, which had been dominant for a decade, came to an end as a pressing issue,” Ware said. “Interestingly, there has been less presence of members (if they still are) who would advance an openness position since that vote. I suspect that even though the vote was in their favor, the vote was also very close . . . this did send a signal.”


  1. I disagree — I think Open Theism is a growing interest in many circles. What I find comical is that members of ETS booted Open Theist scholars and then declared that OT must be waning or losing ground because they do not see a lot of OT papers or discussions anymore. Well, duh! Of course you don’t! By the scare tactics of ETS (and others), no one dares admit to being an OT. Seriously, the clunky thinking of some people …

    1. I was just going to comment: “Bruce Ware, (…) said that openness adherents seem to have virtually disappeared from ETS. Well duh… after such a persecution, this is a normal consequence.” but then I saw your reply :-D

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