Worship Sunday – Our God is Living Personal Relational Good and Loving

By Tony Funderburk

As followers we say
We know He’s the only Way that frees us
From the sins we hide deep inside. They…can’t please us.
Our bodies…become the dust that scatters.
If that’s it…then nothing really matters.
We may as well give in
When we feel the world begin to seize us.
Who needs all that guilt and blame
You get calling on the name of Jesus?
But it’s not like that.
It’s a fact…Jesus sees us.
He’s living and He’s life…
He’s personal to talk to…
Relational with every son and daughter.
He’s good and so much more….
He’s loving to the core…
Jesus is the Living Water.
And each time a soul is saved all the angels above sing…
Our God is living, personal, relational, good…and loving.
Our souls know…infinity is calling.
But temptation…can keep our spirits falling.
So we need to fix our eyes
On the true eternal prize of Jesus.
When we stand before the throne,
He knows our lives, alone, won’t appease us.
No, we need the blood of the lamb…
we need Jesus

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