Answered Questions – Calvinist Misc

From a Calvinist Facebook page:

Since there appear to be so many in this group who do not believe in the sovereignty of God in election please Answer the following.

1. Can God heal someone without them giving Him permission?
2. Do you ever pray for God to soften someone’s heart?
3. Do you think that the Ark is a story that also represents Grace?
4. If salvation relied totally on the will of man to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, what wires the brain or heart different from person to person to accept or deny?

1. I could too. Just strap them to a table and fix them. Of course God can.
2. Yes. In the Bible God had mechanics for softening and hardening hearts. Sometimes God hardened hearts by insulting someone’s pride. Sometimes God softened someone’s heart by turning them into a wild beast for years upon years.
3. Sure.
4. Nothing “wires the heart differently”. Throughout the Bible God laments in a confused fashion as to why people reject Him. God says: “What more could I do?”. Human beings are not input-output devices that one just has to flip a switch. We originate our own thoughts and desires, as James writes.

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