White Believes Jesus Has Two Natures

This blog has claimed James White is a dishonest person before. The aftermath of the debate shows more evidence. From a private Facebook page:

Josh Craddock 
DURING the debate: [Q: “Did God the Son go from one nature to two natures?”] “He took on a human nature, yes.” [“Isn’t God the Son today and forever in the future, doesn’t he have two natures, a divine and a human nature, forever?”] “Yes.” [“So you agree that eternally past God the Son only had one nature?”] “Of course.” [“And today God the Son has two natures?”] “That’s correct.”

AFTER the debate: “Bob misrepresented me…God the Son does not have two natures. I did not ‘admit’ that He did/does/will etc.”

There’s no question about what’s going on here. James White is now regretting his candid answers about the nature of Christ in the debate. Instead of admitting that he misspoke or did not accurately articulate his belief, he resorts to his typical tactic of claiming that Bob is misrepresenting his position. That’s just shameful.


  1. Craig, James White is a Nestorian, because he denied God the Son has two natures, Jesus did. The problem begins from John Calvin when he denied God the Son capable to die on the Cross. This is repeated by R C Sproul’s article, “Did God Die on the Cross?” Sproul along with Calvin denied God the Son died, Jesus did. For Nestorians, the person of Christ is a composite person, very God and very man, eg, Westminster confession of Faith, VIII:2. The person of Christ is divine only. He has two natures divine and human, but the person is identical with the divine Logos. Reformed can’t confess Nicene faith that God die on the Cross.

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