Geisler on Impassibility

From Norman Geisler’s Creating God in the Image of Man? :

God is without passion. For passion implies desire for what one does not have. But God, as an absolutely perfect being, has everything. He lacks nothing. For in order to lack something he would need to have a potentiality to possess it. But God is pure actuality, as we have said, with no potentiality whatsoever. Therefor, God has no passion for anything. He is completely and infinitely perfect in himself.


  1. Geisler is, like many other well known Reformed Theologians are speaking out of a tradition that extends back to Augustine. In that regard, they are all responsible for adopting uncritically theological constructs because they are tradition.

    In this present generation, with the proliferation of the means or access to knowledge, the writings of the Early Fathers and such, that tradition is coming under critical review.

    On the issue of impassibility and other assumed definitions that are remarkably similar to the presuppositions of Stoic and Neo-Plationist philosophy, more people are asking “why aren’t these attributes demonstrated in Scripture?’

    The test of the how well they stand up to current day scrutiny is in process. Those that are not genuinely authentic to “first truths of revelation” will be exposed and when found wanting, those who hold those views will themselves come under review.

    In seeking to address the putative theological sins of our forefathers in the faith let it not be said that we were the son’s of Jacobus, but rather that we were the son’s of God.

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