Reasons to Remain a Calvinist

User gmm4Jesus of lists 5 reasons to remain a Calvinist. Abbreviated:

1. If becoming an Arminian would really be a temptation to boast for you, then please remain a Calvinist.

2. If you think that God empowering people to accept or reject Jesus somehow makes Him weak, impotent, or powerless, then you really should continue in your Calvinism.

3. If you actually think that God cannot remain sovereign without dictating the minutia of every event that occurs, then by all means, remain a Calvinist.

4. If you actually believe that accepting a freely-given gift of salvation somehow would make you your own “co-savior,” then please don’t abandon your Calvinism.

5. If adopting an Arminian view of salvation would somehow make you really feel that salvation is “man-centered” rather than “God-centered,” then for God’s sake, hold on to your Calvinism.

HT: The Contemporary Calvinist

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