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  1. Chris, I recognize this chart as it was presented at the 2013 Open Theism Conference by Thomas Lukashow, by request from Dr. Gregory Boyd. While the annotated nature of this bibliography is probably fine for a small conference setting, some of the detailed “annotations” void it as a purely historical publication. If I am not mistaken the phrase “advocating open theism” or similar occurred under five (5) different entries. It would be a mistake to presume that any of the original authors would consent to have their work styled as advocating such a construct as it has only recently (1994) been used as a reference to the thesis of the book “The Openness of God”. That is to say nothing of their willingness to be associated with what now has become a questionable Biblical Conservative Theological Ethos. I am not calling Lukashow’s work into question (though it would be a good idea for some kind of vetting to be performed) but as a general public reference it is certainly problematic. Your reader’s should be aware of this in the event they should reference this as historical data and encounter some serious questions from others equally well acquainted with the history of Christian theology.

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