Calvinist Claims not to be a Fatalist

From Shane Kastler:

Fatalism is the belief that since all things are pre-determined, it matters not what man does. At it’s root, fatalism is more of a secular, or even pagan notion. A belief that “fate” has determined the outcome of all things and thus nothing can be changed. While a Calvinist does indeed believe that God ordains whatever comes to pass, the attributing factor is clearly seen as being different from what a fatalist would say. Calvinists don’t attribute anything to a blind fate, but rather an all-seeing God. The Bible tells us that God “works all things after the counsel of His will” (Ephesians 1:11); so ultimately we see God as the sovereign creator, ordainer, sustainer, and author of all life and history. What we do with this knowledge determines whether or not we are fatalistic.

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HT: The Contemporary Calvinist

One comment

  1. If you take Calvinism to it’s logical conclusion, I can’t see how you could fail to fall into fatalism.

    Basically , what you have here are Calvinists going through all kinds of mental gymnastics to deny the implications of their belief system.

    It’s almost impossible to live as if determinism is true, so we all live as if libertarian freedom is true, whether we profess to believe it or not.

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