Calvinism and the SBC

From a new article on Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention:

About 30 percent of Southern Baptist pastors consider their churches Calvinist, according to a poll last year by SBC-affiliated LifeWay Research, but a much larger number — 60 percent — are concerned “about the impact of Calvinism in our convention.”


Eighty percent of SBC pastors disagreed with the idea that only the elect will be saved, according to last year’s LifeWay poll, and two-thirds disagreed with the idea that salvation and damnation have already been determined.

For full news article, click here.


  1. Even though I left the SBC over their heinous and reprehensible proclamation that women should submit to their husbands, it has amused me to no end, to proclaim the virtues of Catholicism over the years and occasionally still do. I just can’t find common ground with Mormonism though.

      1. I no longer am a practicing religious person. I am not atheist, and not a textbook agnostic really. I still lean toward religion and spirituality but I have been deep in academia with all it’s pros and cons since 2004. So it’s more about acquiring knowledge, taking it apart and putting it together than it is about personal identity at this point. It’s not the happiest I have ever been or the most fulfilled but it’s where I am.

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