Free Monday – Open Theism Varients paper

In this paper by Alan R. Rhoda, he lays out some principles of Open Theism. Here is the abstract:

ABSTRACT: The goal of this paper is to facilitate ongoing dialogue between open
and non-open theists. First, I try to make precise what open theism is by
distinguishing the core commitments of the position from other secondary and
optional commitments. The result is a characterization of ‘generic open theism’,
the minimal set of commitments that any open theist, qua open theist, must affirm.
Second, within the framework of generic open theism I distinguish three important
variants and discuss challenges distinctive to each. The significance of this
approach is that it helps avoid conflating arguments bearing on specific versions of
open theism with arguments pertaining to open theism simpliciter.

For full paper, click here.

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