Calvinists Redefine Words

From the Society of Evangelical Arminians, from a post about how Romans 11 has nothing to do with “double predestination”:

Truly, this passage should be an eye opener for those who have not taken God’s salvific, propitiatory agape love for the entire world (John 3:16; cf. 1 John 2:2) seriously enough. In short, if Rom 11:5-7 is not describing the reprobate of Calvinistic double predestination then it is safe to say that there are no such people. What Calvin meant by terms like “elect” and “chosen” and “hardened” has nothing to do with what Paul meant by these terms. The Calvinist system is foreign to Paul and twists Paul’s terms to mean things that they never meant.

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One comment

  1. If God loves each and every person with the exact same “agape” love, then why are there some who never get a chance to hear the pure gospel of Jesus Christ?

    Why, did He deliver inhabitants into Israel’s hand when they were in the promised land first?

    Why did he raise pharaoh up?

    Why did Jesus make it clear that the reason some in His day did not understand was on the basis that they had not been given to Him by the Father and as a result were not of His sheep?

    Grace and Peace

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