A Piper Thought Experiment

From Kurt Johnson‘s blog. Kurt asks a reader to listen to one of John Piper’s videos and insert Calvinism wherever they hear “the Doctrines of Grace”. The point is to illustrate what happens when doctrine is elevated above the Bible:

Here is a selection of quotes from the video with “Calvinism” inserted for “The Doctrines of Grace”: (my emphasis added)

Calvinism is my life… the source of my life… the joy of my life… the sustaining foundation of my life… the hope, the end, the goal of my life.

If you love Calvinism, and you live it…

…and you want to commend Calvinism, remember that it is infinitely valuable…

…I pray that God will make Calvinism your life, the source of your life, the sustaining foundation of your life… the joy and the hope of your life.

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One comment

  1. thanks for the re-post guys… I think that Calvinism is what John Piper thinks the Bible so clearly teaches. I’m not trying to challenge Piper’s Calvinism here, or even suggest that he’s elevating doctrine above, or on par with, the Bible. I’m sure someone could argue that if they wanted to, but my concern is God… and I’m thinking a little bit of John chapter 5 here when Jesus rebukes the Pharisees (I’m not calling JP a “pharisee”) for, “searching the scriptures, because you think that IN THEM is eternal life, but you won’t come to ME so that you can REALLY have life.” (paraphrased) My whole concern is that doctrine, or even the scriptures themselves can be elevated to a place that only the PERSON of Jesus can fill. I feel like all the things that John Piper ascribes to the role of Calvinism in his life, he ought to ascribe to Jesus.

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