Diary of A Calvinist Kid

Jamie Schofield writes an mock diary of a child whose father is like the Calvinist God. Excerpt:

Dear Diary,
Pete became sick today after lunch. I don’t always like my brother, but I wish he felt better. He says his stomach hurts, and he wishes he could throw up, but he can’t. Dad came home from work and told us that he put something in Pete’s lunch to make him sick. Pete asked why? Was it something he did? Dad said no, it didn’t have anything to do with anything Pete did. He says he did it to show that he has control over everything, and he can give or he can take away, as he wills. He gives us all our food, and so if he wants to do something to the food, he can if he wants. Then he said he loves Pete and me, and we can trust him to always do the right thing for us. Is the right thing for Pete for him to be sick and hurting? Why, daddy? I asked Dad if he was going to hurt me like he hurt Pete. He said he wouldn’t tell me, but you never know.

The whole document is worth a read. For full document, click here.

One comment

  1. That is sick, terrible and disgusting. What kind of Dad would do that?

    It is a good thing that God is so gracious to a rebellious and evil mankind. So gracious in fact that instead of leaving ALL of us dead in our sin and rebellion that He graciously adorned Himself in flesh walked perfectly for 33 years and was hung on a tree for the transgressions of many.

    You see caricatures don’t help anyone cause, the analogy breaks down on so many levels.

    Grace and Peace

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