Free Bible Software

The best free software for Bible study is e-Sword. It is easy to use, supports many free Bibles (such as the KJV, the Majority Greek, the Critical Greek, the Septuagint, etc) and pay Bibles (such as the NKJV), hosts a good variety of commentaries, and includes various dictionaries. One of the best downloads is the Greek New Testament Textus Receptus with conjugations and declensions listed of all words:

Joh 21:2 ησανG1510 V-IAI-3P ομουG3674 ADV σιμωνG4613 N-NSM πετροςG4074 N-NSM καιG2532 CONJ θωμαςG2381 N-NSM οG3588 T-NSM λεγομενοςG3004 V-PPP-NSM διδυμοςG1324 N-NSM καιG2532 CONJ ναθαναηλG3482 N-PRI οG3588 T-NSM αποG575 PREP καναG2580 N-PRI τηςG3588 T-GSF γαλιλαιαςG1056 N-GSF καιG2532 CONJ οιG3588 T-NPM τουG3588 T-GSM ζεβεδαιουG2199 N-GSM καιG2532 CONJ αλλοιG243 A-NPM εκG1537 PREP τωνG3588 T-GPM μαθητωνG3101 N-GPM αυτουG846 P-GSM δυοG1417 A-NUI

In the modern world, people no longer have to be able to know Greek to read it!

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