Highlighted Blog – Jess in Process

Jess in Process

Jess in Process is a blog by mother Jessica Kelly. Here is how she describes herself.

I’m an aspiring author, trained counselor, wife, and mother. I’m also a… well… widow doesn’t fit, my spouse is healthy. Orphan doesn’t describe me, I have several parents. There’s just no title for a mom who loses a child… that’s the one I’m looking for.

In 2012, Jess tragically lost her 4 year old son, Henry, to brain cancer. In her blog, she describes dealing with this suffering with God’s help. Raw emotion coupled with sound theology reverberate throughout her posts. Do not expect to read this with dry eyes. This blog in an excellent resources for Christians trying to understand how God can be good while evil exists in our fallen world.

Notable posts:
Pain and Purpose contains a good overview of Romans 8:28.
Did God Author This contains a brief explanation of the real meaning of various Calvinist proof texts

Henry, age 4.
Jess in Process

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