Greg Boyd answers questions

Pastor Gregory Boyd is Rachel Held Evans’ guest today, answering questions on Open Theism.

Excerpt questions:

Stephanie • 9 hours ago −
How old is this view? Is it relatively new, or have Christians been believing this for some time?

Erin • 9 hours ago −
Could you explain, in your perspective, how God ‘knows’ — knows time, knows human intention, knows… everything? Does God know all possible outcomes or does Open Theism see it more that God is moving at the pace of humanity, & perhaps doesn’t know?

Matt • 9 hours ago −
This is an interesting concept that I have often pondered. What would you say are some of the common “gotcha” verses people use to contradict this “open view of the future,” and what is your take on those verses?

Trevor Wilson • 7 hours ago −
Anyone is free to answer this because I’m sure it’s different for everyone but:

Why does our perception of the future matter? How does this affect how we treat our neighbors?

I think I’d be more interested in this discussion if I knew the answer to this.

Affiliates, feel free to answer (these or others) and then submit as guest posts.

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