James White’s Bizarre Response to Triablogue

James White, again misrepresents and misreads a critic. From Triablogue : “You gotta love Steve Hays over at Triablogue. Only he can do long-distance mind-reading. He can take an announcement about an upcoming program that really contains NOTHING about what I’m going to actually say, and write an entire article refuting me…before I even say […]

Abasciano Points Out White’s Ad Hominems

From Brian Abasciano: “A Reply to James White Concerning His Faulty Treatment of the Greek and Context of Acts 13:48″ One of White’s main tactics was to pepper his comments with ridicule and expressions of shocked incredulity. Moreover, he called my motives into question, accusing me of both abusing scholarly information to hide not having […]

James White Censors Enyart’s Response to White’s Criticism of Enyart

Update: posts are reinstated as of 1/26/2015 The following was deleted from Alpha and Omega Ministries. Bob Enyart and Will Duffy had quickly responded to White’s criticism of Enyart. White and his ministry did not want Enyart’s side to be heard and removed it from their Facebook page (update: both Enyart and Duffy were also […]

Apologetics Thursday – Fisher Refutes White

Reposted from realityisnotoptional.com: The purpose of this post is to examine the context of James White’s arguments in his debate against Bob Enyart. It will be shown that White relies on emotional arguments, and where White references the Bible, his position can be shown wrong by utilizing basic reading comprehension skills. A few formatting notes: […]

White Believes Jesus Has Two Natures

This blog has claimed James White is a dishonest person before. The aftermath of the debate shows more evidence. From a private Facebook page: Josh Craddock  DURING the debate: [Q: “Did God the Son go from one nature to two natures?”] “He took on a human nature, yes.” [“Isn’t God the Son today and forever […]

Enyart v White – Is the Future Settled or Open

* July 8th Open Theism Enyart/White Debate: Well-known theologian James White will debate Bob Enyart, the pastor of Denver Bible Church on Open Theism: Is the future settled or open? On Tuesday evening, July 8 at 6:30 p.m., the debate will be held downtown Denver at Colorado’s historic Brown Palace hotel. If you’re in the state, or […]

White is all Wrong on Open Theism

James White has a two hour talk on Open Theism. Hilariously, at about the 15 minute mark White claims that Open Theism is emotionally based and then White goes on to spend 45 more minutes (about an hour total) making emotional arguments! White also brings to the table some very strange misrepresentations of Open Theism. […]

Oord on not Thinking of Ourselves as Machines

From Interiority over Mechanism: Perhaps the best overall framework to make sense of creatures as possessing interiority is the organismic philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead.[2] Instead of regarding existence as comprised entirely of substances ricocheting off one another steel balls in an arcade game, Whitehead believed we and all beings are fundamentally experiential. He agreed […]

Church Father Quotes

Quotes By Category Biblical Interpretation Determinism Free Will Immutability Impassibility Ineffibility Hypostatic Union Omnipresence Omniscience, Present Omniscience, Future Omniscience, Classical Platonism Repentance Self Sufficient Simplicity Timelessness … Biblical Interpretation Augustine 6. I rejoiced also that the old Scriptures of the law and the prophets were laid before me, to be perused, not now with that […]

Understanding the Hypostatic Union

From the book Neoplatonism: Plotinus’s model includes three “hypostases,” or fundamental levels of reality. The first and highest is the unknowable “One,” which emanates the next level, called Nous, translated as Divine Mind or Intelligence. This second level contains the Platonic Forms or Ideas, which we can know intellectually, and so this level is also […]

Calvinist Reading Recommendations

From Desiring God: SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY Systematic Theology (Grudem) A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith (Reymond) Systematic Theology (Berkhof) THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD The Doctrine of God (Bavinck) Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God (Carson) The Existence and Attributes of God (Charnock) God the Father Almighty (Erickson) Knowing God (Packer) The Holiness of […]

Green on Calvinist Justification of Slavery

From CHRISTIANITY’S BLOODY WHITE REFORMED LEGACY: MY THOUGHTS ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S 2015 NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST SPEECH: The former Vice president unloads a lot in this portion theologically speaking. Off top he obviously felt that the subordination of the White man was wrong yet the suppression of the Negro was natural or normal. He employs strong […]

Apologetics Thursday – Alpha and Omega Ministries’ Intellectual Dishonesty

By Christopher Fisher Part of my reoccurring work is on exposing intellectual dishonesty. There are several signs of intellectual dishonesty: Refusal to debate. Refusal to make monetary bets. Refusal to answer simple questions. On Facebook, there are two universal telltale signs of intellectual dishonesty: deleting comments and threads. If a belief cannot be transparently questioned, […]

Apologetics Thursday – When God Destroys Cities

In the Sanders-White debate, James White quotes Amos 3:6 as saying every destruction of every city is the work of God: Amo 3:6 If a trumpet is blown in a city, will not the people be afraid? If there is calamity in a city, will not the LORD have done it? But contrary to White’s […]

Apologetics Thursday – Predestined What?

From the God is Open Facebook group by Mark B: Just listened to the entire Bob Enyart/James White debate. My first thought: James White quotes Romans 8:28-30, and he did include the beginning phrase: “Those who love God…”. But, then he totally ignores that phrase, and begins with: “..the called…predestinated to be conformed to the […]

Apologetics Thursday – Skelly on Revelation 6

By Christopher Fisher Arminian Kerrigan Skelly states that he is not an Open Theist for a few Biblical reasons. He quotes Revelation 6: Rev 6:9 When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they […]

Free Monday – Learn to Read Greek

From textkit.com, a list of free Greek resources: Greek Answer Keys A Brief Introduction to New Testament Greek Key, Samuel G. Green First Greek Book Key, John Williams White First Greek Writer Key, Arthur Sidgwick Greek Prose Composition Key, North and Hillard Greek Prose Composition Key, Arthur Sidgwick Greek Composition Textbooks First Greek Writer, Arthur […]

Apologetics Thursday – God Counts Hairs

By Christopher Fisher In a 2007 debate, Gene Cook condescendingly asks Bob Enyart about how God gains His knowledge. Cook: Ok, the Bible says that God knows the very number of hairs on a man’s head. How does God know this? Enyart: Because He can count… so that’s present knowledge… Cook: In order for God […]